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Growth Phase
Outsourcing your financial accounting and controlling becomes more and more interesting to you before additional capacity is developed in-house. Our e-service offers you comprehensive services for all aspects of accounting and controlling.

Other divisions of your company may also be faced with outsourcing decisions. We can support you in your outsourcing projects as an external advisor with the objective of bringing about an outsourcing decision that is well founded both organizationally and financially.

We are also happy to assist you with organizational consulting in order to adjust the administrative structure of your company to the often-rapid growth taking place in your business.

We can assist you with corresponding financial planning/cash flow planning in order to ensure that your prospering company has a sufficient supply of liquid assets at all times.

Now that your company is earning surpluses, we begin proactive consulting for you in the context of tax planning at this stage in order to optimize your tax burden.

You may find that you now have to hold discussions on topics concerning accounting and controlling more frequently with investors, lenders, clients, and employees. In that case, we are happy to give you the necessary specialized preparation to conduct these kinds of discussions as part of our training offerings. Our efficient, flexible training offerings are particularly interesting for members of the management and for managing directors in particular, who frequently have academic backgrounds in fields such as law, computer science, technology, or engineering and thus have less knowledge of business administration.

By now, rating also becomes a topic you need to address. We can help you to prepare for bank ratings in advance so that no obstacles stand in the way of smooth financing at the most favorable interest rates possible.

If you exceed the statutory size limits for a small corporation (kleine Kapitalgesellschaft) for two financial years in a row (two of the following three limits must have been exceeded: balance sheet sum greater than 4.015 million euros, sales revenue greater than 8.030 million euros, more than 50 employees on average over the year), you are subject to mandatory auditing. If we are not already handling your accounting, we will be happy to take on annual financial statement auditing for you.