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Branch Services
You are a company based abroad and plan to start a business operation in Germany? We can offer you comprehensive services.

As early as during the preparation phase, we assist you, working through our cooperation partners, in setting up a bank account in Germany, recruiting and selecting capable employees, and, where applicable, arranging for relocation of your employees who will travel to the new location from within Germany and abroad over the entire relocation process.

Our services range from advising and preparation in advance of the move and assistance with finding residential and business premises to handling all of the formalities associated with the relocation in the host country and measures to establish a suitable infrastructure in the new location.

Solid beginnings in a new location
To ensure that your company's success is secure right from the start, we and our partners assist you in

  • Deciding on the proper form of entry to the market
  • Choosing a legal form
  • Drafting articles of incorporation and bylaws if you decide on a subsidiary
  • Advising on financing
  • Selecting a primary bank, determining the need for loans
  • Pointing out funding options
  • Drafting and/or reviewing contracts and agreements
  • Handling employment contracts, leases, software agreements, maintenance contracts, etc.
  • Company takeovers
  • Limiting liability risks, taking over customers, etc.
  • Organizing your company

Tax and financial advising

We handle taxation for purposes of corporate income tax (Körperschaftsteuer), trade tax (Gewerbesteuer), value-added tax (Umsatzsteuer), withholding tax on wages (Lohnsteuer), and, where applicable, withholding tax for construction work (Bauabzugssteuer).

We also deal with requirements of the social security system (business number, Betriebsnummer, monthly filing).

Reporting and organization
We handle the establishment of your financial accounting pursuant to German tax law and additionally offer you, as part of our e-service, comprehensive options for access, anytime and anywhere, to all the documents and assessments of your German office.
To keep the administrative field of your representative office as lean as possible, we are also happy to handle payment transactions and creditor management as well as collections and debtor management.

We are also glad to handle the review of travel expense statements to ensure that they comply with German tax standards.

Upon request, we can also assist you in adjusting expense statements to meet German tax standards.

We adjust all of the relevant accounting information to the individual standards of the parent company. Where applicable, we prepare reporting according to the parent company's guidelines, including, when necessary, taking into consideration a foreign account system. Of course, you can access these reports electronically anytime, from any location ("vault" function ).

We ensure that the transition between financial accounting according to German standards and the standards of the parent company is transparent, thereby facilitating the consolidation process.

We also handle assistance with auditing of consolidated financial statements with respect to the subsidiary within Germany.